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Wealth Is A Feeling


Wealth is measured by how grateful you are. Let me shock you. Wealth is not primarily your cash or your houses or your

Is Your Love Genuine Or Fake?


“Buy Rolex. $20 only.” A moustached guy offered it to me while walking in a busy street. Wow. Didn’t Rolex watches sell at $5000

Stop Trying To Fix People


You know what our monstrous mistake is? We try to fix the people in our life. Oh, I see it everywhere. Everywhere

Are You Malnourished For Love?


                         Before the wedding of Felipe and Maria began, the groom spoke to the priest.           Felipe said, “Father, I’d appreciate

Every Storm Will End


       Did you suffer a loss recently?  A job? A relationship? Material things stolen from you?  Many of my friends lost many things in the

Do You Want God To Heal You?


I got sick last week. Twice.           I bet one reason was so I could write about healing today. (I’m getting worried. Everything is so