Do You Want A Life Of Abundance?

I’m terrible when it comes to picking gifts for my wife.
The first gift I gave her was a dress. 
When I saw it, I thought it was beautiful. But when I gave it to her, I learned again the truth that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because she said, “Oh Bo, I love you for […]

Have You Received The Rewards Of Your Giving?

Like any ordinary boy, my 4-year old Francis sometimes quarrels with his playmates. We hear him shout, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” 
So for two years now, we’ve been teaching him how to share his toys. We’ve told him, “Francis, sharing is good!” It’s almost a mantra we repeat to him. 
We also remind him of the rewards of sharing. “Francis, if you share your […]

Are You A Giver Or A Taker?

She was nuts.
When I was a teenager preaching in small prayer groups all over the country, I’d see this woman sneak into the room—trying hard to conceal her face—carrying a mammoth of a tape recorder inside a white plastic bag over her shoulder.
And like clockwork, before I step down the pulpit, she’d sneak out and […]

How To Become A Superstar

Last week, I got a body massage that I’ll never forget.
I was massaged by “Ate Guy” (Not her real name).
I call her “Ate Guy” because though she looks like a woman, I have a suspicion she’s really a guy. In fact, she has the strength of 10 guys in her little female body. But I’m getting ahead […]

Quit Often To Succeed In Life

One day, Max, a criminal in death row was about to be executed.
          The warden was extra kind that day, so he asked him, “Max, for your last three meals, you can ask for anything you want.   What do you want for breakfast?”
          Max said, “Pancit (Local noodles). For long life.”
          The warden smiled and said, […]

How To Have A Breakthrough In Your Life

Have you ever been denied a visa?
If not, believe me, you don’t want to experience it.
I’ve been denied a visa. Twice. From the US Embassy no less.
Look into my heart and you’ll find two ugly scars.
I remember my first attempt. 
I was still in my teens.
When I woke up, I was already wet with nervous sweat. It didn’t […]

Turning Thoughts Into Things

One day, Juan Miguel died.
And instantly, he found himself in a beautiful place.
A woman covered in light approached him and said, “Welcome, Juan Miguel.  It’s easy to get to know this place.  Just walk around.  And if you’re hungry, just wish for it.  You can wish for anything you want and it’ll be given to […]

Are You Fulfilling Your Life Purpose?

            Imagine a hammer. 
          A solid, shiny, shimmering hammer.
Expensive. Made of high-grade steel and first-class polished wood.
          Now imagine a primitive tribesman from the mountains who has never seen a hammer in his life. He picks up the hammer, likes it immediately, and brings it home. And for the next 50 years, he uses it as a wonderful […]

How Do You Create Happy Relationships?

My little boy wanted a pet dog.
But my wife doesn’t like dogs.
So we gave him a potted plant instead.
I know. We sound cruel, but that’s not true. We even disinfect the torture chambers in our basement regularly with Lysol.
“You need to learn responsibility,” my wife told my son. “If you take care of your potted plant, we’ll know […]

Will Homeschool Work For Your Kids?

            As I write this, Bene, our 9-year-old, will be Grade 4 this school year.
Let me share to you something shocking: To this day, he has yet to step into a regular classroom. He’s a deprived kid! Check out this list:
·        He’s never ridden a school bus.
·        He’s never lined-up for a flag ceremony.
·        He’s never eaten lunch […]