3 Things To Do To Claim Your 2014 Blessings


Let me tell you something that will blow your mind.

God created an entire warehouse of blessings for YOU.  

Your name–in big bold letters–is plastered on the roof of your warehouse.  By the way, your warehouse is sooooooo huge, it doesn’t fit planet earth.  It has to be located in Heaven.  And it’s stocked with every conceivable blessing for your life. It’s filled with joy, love, peace, wisdom, guidance, health, strength… and yes, financial blessings too.  Heaps and heaps and heaps of blessing!

       Here’s the problem: Many people don’t know HOW to claim their blessings.

       Because of this, many people live lives that lack blessings.  The blessings remain in the warehouse–untouched, unclaimed, and unused.

Today, at the start of this year, I’ll share with you 3 specific strategies to claim those blessings.  And have a spectacular year.


       Make these 3 commitments today.


       Here we go…


1.  Commit To Receive The Best Nourishment


Have you heard of GIGO?


It’s computer linggo for Garbage In, Garbage Out.


But it applies to human beings too.  The quality of your output will be determined by the quality of your input.


I’ve met many people who fill their minds with trash–and then they wonder why they produce trash.


I urge you: Make GIGO mean Greatness In, Greatness Out.

Commit to receive only the BEST nourishment for your mind and soul.  


I love what Charlie Jones said: You will be the same in five years that you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.


I believe in that statement 100%. 


People ask me, “Bo, why are you always growing?  You keep expanding…”   I tell them, “I’m growing because of the wonderful mentors that I hangout with, the great books that I read, the powerful seminars I attend.”


Can I make a suggestion for 2014? 


Cut-out your mindless TV from your life.  Minimize Video Games.   And you’ll be surprised at the dramatic changes that will happen in your life.


I rarely watch TV.  I don’t like the idea of sitting on a coach flipping the channel button, searching for something mildly interesting.  I deserve more than that.  (If you love yourself, you’ll say the same thing too.)  In fact, you and I deserve the best.


Years ago, surveys say that on average, people spend 7 hours a day watching TV.  That means in our lifetime, people spend 11 years watching TV.


Don’t waste 11 years of your life.  Instead of mindless TV and Video Games, read inspiring books, or help the poor, or climb mountains, or start businesses, or create music, or have picnics, or laugh with friends, or play with our children, or take adventures, or serve God.


       Make a radical decision: Love yourself by feeding your mind with only the best possible mental and spiritual nourishment available on the planet.  Start a reading habit.  Get the best inspirational books.  Watch inspirational material.  Join the best seminars.


       Remember: You deserve the best.




2. Commit To Design Your Future


My calendar for 2015 is all written down.

Am I weird?

I already jotted down the non-negotiable items of my life that are necessary for fulfilling my sacred mission in life: my weekly date with my wife, my time with the son, my personal retreats, my writing days, my prayer meetings, etc.  I also scribbled in my time with our leadership team, like leaders’ retreats and leaders’ planning–the people who run the four organizations I’m involved with.

Why do I plan two years in advance?

Because this is what I learned in life: If you’re not going to design your future, someone else will.  Oh, believe me, other people have many designs for your life–and these things may not be what God wants you to do!

But it is what God wants you to do that is the key to living an abundant life!

Now, I can leave my calendar in the hands of the Lord.   He can always provide surprises along the way.  But at least, I did what He wanted me to do–to take responsibility for my sacred mission and His sacred time.

       Design your future.

For example, I have a dream: Build 1000 Feasts.

We have 151 now.  (I’m not in a hurry; I’m going to enjoy the exciting journey to building these Feasts.)


Some people say my dream is impossible.

That’s what they told Ray Kroc when he wanted to build Mcdonalds at the age of 52, sick with diabetes and incipient arthritis, who had his gall bladder and most of his thyroid gland removed.

That’s what they told Carl Sanders when he wanted to start Kentucky at the age of 61, totally poor except for $90 in his pocket.

None of these dreamers listened to the dream-stealers.

Don’t listen to them either!

And finally…

3. Commit To Be Happier Everyday


Because happiness is a choice!

Happiness does NOT depend on your circumstances, but your response to your circumstances.

The Bible says, Being cheerful keeps you healthy.  It is slow death to be gloomy all the time. (Proverbs 17:22)

       I know of this man who was a public school teacher in the province.  As a teacher, he taught gardening to the kids.   He lived a simple life, riding his bicycle every morning to Mass, whistling a tune.  He’d also bike to the small barrio schools, always humming a tune.  He lived a very healthy life–eating the crops he harvested.  He also was very generous, going around giving his crops to friends and neighbors.

But he got married to a woman who was more complicated.  His wife came from an affluent family, and was known to have been irritable most of the time.  At early dawn, neighbors would hear her shout at her husband.  But he’d respond by smiling and putting his arm around her shoulder, saying, “Are you through?  Let’s make up now.”

The wife died of a heart attack before the age of fifty.

The “whistling” Uncle?  He lived until a hundred years old!

My prayer is that we learn how to hum a prayer everywhere we go.


I remain your friend,


Bo Sanchez

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