I simply love to write.

When I see a blank screen on my computer and poise my fingers on the keyboard–I feel absolutely wonderful. Like I’m about to give birth to a child. And when words spill from my imagination, forming sentences and paragraphs and worlds before me–I’m in ecstasy. Writing is my natural drug. It lifts me up. It transports me to another galaxy.

Preaching is my other love, a close cousin of writing.

I love preparing for a talk. I love reading a ton of books and culling the best ideas. I love crafting a message. I love choosing the best stories and weaving them together. When I create my talks–and then give it to an audience–I’m in heaven. 

I don’t get paid to preach every Sunday. Not a cent.  But I’ll do it more than anything else in the world. Each Sunday, I give three talks in the FEAST at Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig–and this is televised nationally. Thousands of people come each week because they get blessed and inspired. But I have a secret. They don’t know that I get even more blessed. Why? Because I learn more. I’m able to serve, using the core gifts He has given me. 

But I had a slight problem…

Find A Business Angle To Your Passion

          For years, I thought my writing and speaking skills were only for ministry. I never thought I could use them for business.

          So years ago, I ventured into other types of businesses to earn money. I put up a hotdog and ice cream stand in the mall, a squid ball stand on the street. I also sold memorial plans, herbal juice, and engine oil.

          All these businesses no longer exist because they weren’t my passions. When problems came up, I didn’t have the perseverance to keep them going.

          One day, I came to my senses. Why was I veering away from my core gifts?

Here’s one example: Because I know my passion is writing and speaking, I now give corporate talks and seminars. (I also created a speakers bureau and corporate training center so companies can get the best speakers for their employee training, but that’s another story.)

I had to learn how to speak in a non-spiritual setting. My message didn’t change, but my presentation did. So yes, I had to tweak my speaking skills.

Today, because I guard my time for ministry, I price myself very high so I don’t accept too many corporate invitations. I only speak in corporate settings about once a month. I like it that way, so I have more time for ministry. Companies have to pay an arm and a leg to pull me away from my ministry. I’m probably one of the highest paid corporate speakers in the country. I donate much of what I earn, so my ministry is blessed. 


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