We need to encourage people, “Dream big dreams because God is a big God.”

Massive dreams are better than mini dreams.

Have ambition!

I know religious people don’t like the word “ambition”. Because they connect ambition to “greedy” and “selfish” and “corrupt”.

But I’m using the good version of ambition: When you dream big because you love big.

Remember, when a person doesn’t wake up in the morning with a dream, his one foot is already in the grave.  He is a zombie.  He is ready to die.

Let me shock you.  Mother Theresa was ambitious.  She dreamt of feeding hundreds of thousands of hungry people—today, she has the largest Catholic female congregation in the world—4500 nuns in 133 countries.

Mother Angelica of EWTN was ambitious too.  She wanted to operate a 24-hour cable channel that will span the globe to share God’s Love—and today, it’s the most viewed Catholic network in the world.  It’s available in 228 million homes in 140 countries.

More than ever, we need people with holy ambition burning in their hearts to build the Kingdom of God.

Benefits of Big Dreams

Listen.  Your body burns the same calories when you dream big and when you dream small.  You spend the same amount of brain energy when you aim high and when you aim low.  So might as well dream big!

Here’s the fantastic benefit of dreaming big: Big dreams attract more fun, fans, friends, and funds.

  • Fun—Big dreams are just more exciting to do than small dreams, and thus attract more energy.
  • Fans—Big dreams attract more attention than small dreams, drawing widespread support.
  • Friends—Big dreams attract more commitment from your core group.
  • Funds—Big dreams attract more money and resources .

When I tell people, “We dream of building 1000 Feasts all over the world,” that’s exciting.  I cannot count the number of people who have come up to me and said, “I want to help make your dream come true.  Build a Feast in my place…”  Everywhere I go, I get the same reaction.

I’m sure it would have been very different if at the start, I said, “We dream of building 6.5 Feasts all over the world.”  People would probably say, “6.5?  You don’t need our help.”  But when I say, “We dream of 1000 Feasts all over the world!” people rally towards it.  I’m happy to say that because of your help, we have 151 Feasts all over the world.

The Biggest Benefit of Big Dreams

Here’s my spiritual principle: If you’re not struggling to reach your dream, your dreams are too small.  Let me tell you why.  Big dreams are good for you.  Big dreams give you an opportunity to deepen your faith and develop your humility.  Your dream must be big enough that God has to come into the picture.

One Important Condition…

Here’s another Rule I want you to chisel on stone: Always dream big, always start small.

This is where a lot of people create disasters in their lives.  Some people who dream big and start big too—and as a result, they fail big.  Result?  Big heartaches.

The reason why I tell you to dream big but start small is because your first attempts will most likely fail.  So if you start small, you’ll fail small.  It won’t be as heartbreaking.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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