Relearn The Skill Of Asking

When he was barely 2 years old, my son Francis couldn’t pronounce the word “milk”.  Instead, he would say, “mi”.  So whenever he wanted milk, he’d say “Mi”.  But like any child, he’d say it a million times if necessary until he gets it.

And if you hear, “Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi.  Mi….” over and over again, you’ll really give him what he wants.


My other son, Bene, when he was eight, also knew how to ask.  But asked with more sophistication.  He made it easier for me to say yes.

During supper, he asked his mother, “After dinner, can I play on the computer?”

My wife replied, “Son, read a book.”

My son’s facial expression didn’t change.  With a big happy smile, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, can I play the computer?”

My wife answered, “Son, after you read the book, go straight to bed.”

Again, still with the grin on his face, he asked, “Mommy, after I read the book, before I go to bed, can I play the computer for 30 minutes?”

My wife said, “No, I want you to sleep right away.”

“Mommy, how about if I play just for 15 minutes?”

“No, I want you to go to bed right away.”

“Mommy, how about 10 minutes?  Just 10 minutes?  Please, please, please?”

“Owwwwww… Okay!” my wife conceded.

Now that’s the power of asking.

My son expected to get what he wanted.

He used his smile.   He used compromise.  He used his puppy eyes.   He used his cuteness.

But the important thing was he got what he wanted.


The Universe Adjusts To Your Expectations


As adults, we don’t do that anymore.  We don’t ask with expectancy.

So we go to God and say, “Lord, can you give me this…”  And when we don’t get it in two seconds, we say, “OK, never mind.”

We quit too quickly.

Here’s the problem: The universe adjusts to your expectations.

If you expect nothing, you get nothing.

The universe is the greatest Buffet of Blessings.  Don’t settle for a biscuit.  Don’t eat crumbs in a dark corner of your life.

God is telling you, “My child, the blessings are here.  It’s waiting for you.  Stand up! Ask.  Not for a bit.  Not for a little.  Ask for a double portion!”


Are you ready to ask?


May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez

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