Negative Words Have Power Too


But while positive words affect your future, so do negative ones.

I once worked with a guy in a ministry many, many years ago. Every once in a while, I’d get a crazy idea and I’d say, “I have a new proposal.” Even before I could expound on my idea, this man would be shaking his head. “That won’t work,” he’d say.

His name was Norman, and because everyone knew he was that kind of a guy, we called him Negative Norman.

It was so difficult to work with him.   One time, everyone liked my proposal except Negative Norman. The team implemented my proposal and it was a great success. We all wondered what negative Norman had to say.

In our next meeting, everyone was raving about the successful project. Norman was there with his usual frown and he said, “That won’t last. I tell you, you can’t sustain it.”

You know what happened? The project continued and became even more successful. We wondered what Norman would say this time.

At our next meeting, he was there, still with his usual frown. He said, “You know, Bo, you’re becoming proud. You’ve become so different.”

I couldn’t believe how negative this person was.

One of the things I realized is if you say you can’t do it, you’re absolutely right. You cannot do it!


Words Affect Your Health


Your words not only affect your future, it affects your health as well.

I had a friend who’d always say, “I’m gonna die. I’m dying soon. And when I’m grasping for breath on my deathbed, please don’t even try to revive me.”

His words become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Before he reached 60, my friend suddenly died of a heart attack. Words are so powerful that if you keep on saying it, you create its reality.

Someone asked me, “Bo, my uncle seemed like he had a premonition that he would die. The day before his death, he said, ‘I bid you farewell now.’ He said his goodbyes and the next day, he was dead! Did he have a premonition, Bo?”

Many times, it’s not a premonition. It’s prophecy at work.

There were reports that in some American Indian tribes, it was customary that an elderly member would gather his children and grandchildren to say goodbye. He would say, “I’m passing on to the next world. Goodbye!” He would then enter his tent, sleep, and die. It was almost like he willed himself to death.

Friends, we have more power over our bodies and our lives than we think we have–through our thoughts and words.

Use your power wisely.


May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez