Do you want to build your own business?

You need to learn God’s Business Theory.

Warning: Many business people will not agree with what I’m going to teach you.  But I’m compelled to share God’s Business Theory to you because it will save your life.  It will give you joy, purpose, meaning, true fulfillment, and inner peace.

A Business Is Like a Mango Tree

God’s Business Theory is actually very simple, and I’d like to explain it via an analogy.

Business is like a mango tree that produces both fruits and leaves.  The purpose of a mango tree is to produce mangoes.  And for many entrepreneurs, the purpose of business is money.  Profit.  Revenue.  Income.  Dough.  Moolah.  Kaching!  So for them, if business is like a mango tree, then the fruit of the business tree is money.

Sorry, I disagree.  If the fruit of business is money, then it’s a sad business.  It’s a business without a soul.  Yes, it may grow big and become a billion-peso business, but it has no soul.  It’s a business without life and music and laughter and kindness and compassion and joy.

So what is the real fruit of a business?

1. The Fruit Is Love

Let me shout it from the housetops: The fruit of a business tree is Love!  I believe the purpose of any business is to love people.  To serve people.  To bless people.

I really believe that at its very essence, a business should be an operation of love.  I’ve been in business for more than 20 years but been in ministry for longer than that, and the longer I am in business, the more I realize there’s very little difference between business and ministry.  Today, my business is my ministry.  It’s all about love.

One day, Jesus was hungry and he saw a fig tree.  He walked up to it and saw that it had no figs.  And Jesus cursed it and said, “You shall not bear fruit again.”  The next day, when the apostles passed by that same road, they saw that the fig tree had dried up.

Sadly, there are many businesses today that are just about making money.  These businesses are already cursed.  I don’t care how big your business is.  If it’s not loving people, it’s not fulfilling God’s purpose.  These businesses have no soul.  If you’re just about making money, you lose your humanity.

Specifically, to love who?  Let me introduce you to the 5 People Groups you need to love in your business:

  • Patrons
    Love your Customers!  This is what business is all about.  Earning is a by-product of Serving.
  • Personnel
    When I enter a store, a restaurant, a factory, I sense if the employees are loved.  I urge you to love your staff, your team.  Treat them as your partners.  Because if they’re happy, they’ll make your customers happy.
  • Providers
    Love your suppliers.  Love your vendors.  It’s not about squeezing out the lowest rates you can get from them, but about helping them help you in the best possible way.
  • Powers
    Love your Regulators.  Business is all about good relationships.  So build good relationships with government officials—SEC, BIR, City Hall, Barangay.  Pray for them!  (Give them my books!)
  • Partners
    Love your Co-Owners.

2. The Leaf Is Profit

Leaves are important. Without leaves, the tree cannot produce its mangoes. Because it’s the leaves that absorb the sunlight—which is crucial for creating the fruits.
In the same way, a business must earn a profit to sustain its operation of love.
That’s why profit can be very holy.
And this is the magical part of business: If your business loves your 5 P’s—patrons, personnel, providers, powers, and partners—your business will produce wealth. Why? Because there’s a spiritual law written in the fabric of the universe called the Law of Reciprocity. It’s seen in our physical world: For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
God’s entire Business Theory rests on this powerful verse: “Give and it shall be given to you.” (Luke 6:38) If you give, life will find a way to reward you.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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