Don’t Focus On The Pain; Focus On The Prize!

       Do you believe that your best is yet to come?

       You may not feel good about what is happening to your life today. You may be beset by one disappointment after another. Disappointments in your family. Disappointments in your job. Disappointments about your health.

       You’re reading my message not by some accident.

I believe God made you read this because He wants to tell you, “Don’t give up!” He wants to tell you that you’ve got an amazing, mindboggling, phenomenal Reward waiting for you. Words cannot describe, minds cannot fathom, and imaginations cannot fantasize this out-of-this-world Reward waiting for you…

Friend, God wants you to think of your rewards. When the going gets tough, think of your rewards. When you’re filled with disappointments, think of your rewards. When you feel like you can’t take another step, think of your rewards. 

Because if you want to win in life, here’s what you do: Don’t focus on the pain; Focus on the prize!

We Love Rewards

Have you noticed?

We love rewards. 

We love trophies, medals, plaques…

We love rewards so much, they have this powerful capacity to transport our minds from dwelling on the pain of today to the prize of tomorrow.

Let me give you an example.

I have this crazy friend—let’s call him James—who runs ultra-marathons. Just in case you don’t know, an ultra marathon is 100 kilometers long.  How far is that? From Manila to Tarlac. 

I asked James what was the reward for running an ultra marathon. His answer shocked me. He said, “A T-shirt.”

“A what?” I said. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“A T-shirt,” James said again.

“You’re running 100 kilometers to get a T-shirt. Is it a…uh… branded shirt? The one with a crocodile? Or the one with a guy riding a horse and carrying a stick?”

“Nope. It’s just an ordinary shirt, but it says, I’m an Ultra Marathon Finisher…”

I told James, “Look, you don’t have to run. I can make that T-shirt for you. Tell me what color, size, and shape. I’ll even put your name on it…”

But James said, “Nope, I don’t want your T-shirt. I want the T-shirt that they’ll give me if I finish the race.”

I don’t have plans to run an Ultra Marathon. But from what I hear, at a certain point of the race, each of your legs will weigh like a ton. Each of your legs will feel like they’re as heavy as tree trunks. 

But at least for James, that simple reward was enough to lift his legs to take one more step.  And another step. And another step. As he placed one aching foot in front of the other, all he thought about was, “I’ll get that T-shirt… I’ll get that T-shirt…”

And James finished the race.

It’s amazing how our brains are wired to respond to rewards.  Rewards-as-stimuli are encoded in our DNA.  It’s built into our mental architecture.

And Jesus knew human psychology so well.

He said, “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.”  (Revelation 22:11)

I’ve got an announcement to make: Life is not a sprint; Life is not a 100-meter dash; Life is not even a 400-meter dash; Life is an Ultra Marathon. 

I urge you, don’t count in days, weeks, or months. Don’t even count in years. I urge you to start counting in decades. Because everything worthwhile takes time to grow.

It takes time to grow a marriage.

It takes time to grow children.

It takes time to grow a ministry.

It takes time to grow a business.

It takes time to grow a dream.

And I promise you, there will be days in your life when your legs will feel so heavy, they’ll be like tree trunks. There’ll be days when you don’t want to take another step.

But God says, “There’s a reward at the end of your journey. There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There’s a T-shirt at the end of the marathon.   But it’s no ordinary T-shirt. It’s the Garment of Worship. It’s the Robe of Heaven. It’s the Wardrobe of the Saints. It’s the Cloak of Glory. You will shine like the stars in the sky. You will sing with Angels. You will reign in the Heavenlies.

Until you realize that God is our ultimate Reward.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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56 Responses to “Don’t Focus On The Pain; Focus On The Prize!”

  1. Thank your Bro Bo!
    Rewards from God are indeed the best motivations we can have!

  2. Hi brother Bo,

    Thank you for your guidance and reminders. Thank you for all the things you’ve done. You don’t know how you helped through my tough times and how you made me appreciate the good times. Thank you. Merry Christmas po.

    I am pregnant right now and I am in a bit of anxiety but when I think about my baby, how my sacrifices will benefit him, Ahhh. I know everything will be worth it. This is the greatest miracle in my life so far.

    God bless you po,


  3. thank you Bro. Bo :) have a Great Week :)

  4. Thanks bro bo.

  5. Bro Bo,

    Funny but all your messages always comes out in the right moment. It is always like this. Like today, I’m feeling disappointed with what is happening in my job etc. Haha.. But after reading this article, my spirit uplifted. Yes, you are right. God wanted me to read this article to tell me not to give up.

    May you continue to be a blessing to others. Thank you so much.

  6. I guess I needed to read this alright… I broke up with my boyfriend because for months I felt he was the reason I’m very far from achieving my dreams. I should know because God pointed that out to me…bluntly. And so I did. But it really hurt. It really, REALLY hurt. Gusto kong bawiin yung desisyon ko, but I know God wants me to be strong…to not focus on the pain…but to focus on the prize…no matter how long it takes to get it.

  7. Just like investing, don’t worry to much on the day to day price swings, think about the long term growth! :)

  8. Thank you bro bo for having read ur article. It makes me a better person. It makes me realize that in every obstacle in life there’s always a prize that god made us as a reward. God bless…


  9. And along the way, thank you, Father for the itsy-bitsy rewards that actually makes the going easier. You really know how to make your cute daughter happy! Love you! Mwah2! Tsup2! :)

  10. Hi Bo, thanks for the message. How did you guess my feet is heavy today?! hehe Actually my whole body is heavy because of overfatigue these days. I’m here in Korea and I’m struggling in the cold and work. But you are right, having that sight of the finish line makes it all worthwhile.

    Thank you and God bless you and our faith!


  11. Wow, what a great article to start my week! I love reading Bo’s articles on a Monday morning.

    I’m so excited to be blessed at KCON next week!

    The best things are yet to come.

    God bless.

  12. When i got up this morning and felt deep down inside like Gods saying to me You must read Bo blog today! I read it from my heart and moved to tears for Im in one of my dry seasons and don’t see tangible happening in my life even though i work hard and do what i need to. But i thank u so much for this blog to all the people who are hurting and staying in the game. So i hope you can share amazing Gods power everywhere u set ur foot on this planet earth!! Your ever-loving and faithful reader, Khun Moon.

  13. Hi Bro. Bo, I was so moved by your article. This is exactly what I’m feeling right now.. Lord knows what I am going through and that through your article, i really feel like God is talking to me this way.. Indeed that I’ve read this not just by accident, but to be reminded that there’s always a reward at the end of our journey, so I will never give up! God loves me so much to give up on things that he planned for me.. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

    Thanks Bro.Bo! :)

  14. Hi Bro. Bo,
    Thank you for another inspiring article to start this week. It is very timely that i’ve read it, im in pain right now, after i broke up with my bf, it’s painful but i know that is what God wants me to do, as i heard Him telling me that i deserve to be happy in a relationship, He’s telling me to give back to Him the love that i gave to my bf, coz His love for me is never failing. I know in His time, all the pain and all the wait will be worth it.

    God bless us all.

  15. Hi Bro. Bo,
    Thank you for another inspiring article to start this week. It is very timely that i’ve read it, im in pain right now, after i broke up with my bf, it’s painful but i know that is what God wants me to do, as i heard Him telling me that i deserve to be happy in a relationship, He’s telling me to give back to Him the love that i gave to my bf, coz His love for me is never failing. I know in His time, all the pain and all the wait will be worth it.

  16. Dear Bro. Bo,

    I was about to give up! To give up someone whom I thought is God’s gift for me. But reading your article, it seems it is God who is telling me not to give up! I should have a little more patience and not decide to give up too soon.

    Thank you, bro. Bo, for the word of wisdom.

  17. Upon waking up this morning, I asked God to talk to me and through your article, HE DID! thank you so much!!! Just what I needed :) God bless you Bro. Bo!

  18. i feel i am newly loaded with gas…rejuvinated…now i’ll continue working on my dreams…no matter what…rejections or failures are turned to as an additional motivation…My dreams are not just for me…its for my loveone, my relatives, neighbors, church and community..i need to load myself with a gas…and you did it again bro. bo…you’re pushing me to run. thank you. I’m a certified BO-BLOG addict NOw. but i dont need rehabilitation coz i am rehabilitated by your messages. thanks God..

  19. Thank you Bo….

  20. such an uplifting article…you never fail to amaze me bro. bo. you’re truly an inspiration….God bless you and your family….

  21. that was inspiring! Thanks bro. Bo

  22. Thank you Lord for giving us Bro. Bo to inspire us always! Thank you Bro. Bo for the wonderful article for this week! May God Bless you more and your family. :)

  23. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thanks for this artcile!
    Im glad to be one of the participants in these Ultra Mega Marathon called Life. and everyday im eagerly looking unto my Reward, my Blessed HOpe, tobehold the Beauty of my LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. i should say; Maranatha LOrd! God bless! :)

  24. Thank you Bro Bo! God bless you always =)

  25. Hi Bro Bo,

    most of the time when i read your articles, there are words and messages that plucked out some thorns in my heart and that cause relief in my pain…you never fail me to amaze of your great thoughts you share…

    may the Lord give you most and great strenght you need on your JOURNEY!

    bro Alvin and you always say that at the feast it is the “happiest place on earth!” why most of the time i attended there i cry?

  26. Yes! An ultra marathon finisher in life! :) Never ever give up.
    Thanks Bro. Bo! ♥

  27. Thanks for the much needed answer..

    Last night, i was praying to God if i should move on or get out of my start up business…its been a rollercoaster ride lately and it really is frustrating what with all its ups and downs…. well, the answer came in the form of email msg by the preacher who has a penchant for blue jeans..

    wishing everyone their due rewards..

  28. Sometimes, the race seems like forever… but we’ll get there.. God will always make a way! Thanks Bro Bo for the message today!

  29. Nice one again Kuya Bo!

    Sana palagi kang healthy para madaming articles ka pang maishare sa min… Talagang nakakainspire ang mga message ng bawat article you.

    God bless :)

    To God be all the glory!

  30. wish i could attend the feast this saturday at MOA … but please do include me in your celebration… pls do pray for me that everything will be ok at my end… hindi ko na kaya… pls include me in your prayers

  31. Right message for me.I won’t give up and thank you Lord for the rewards that you will give me

  32. Thank you brother bo for another inspiring and soul-uplifting article..I felt that God is talking to me thru your message..I love you my dearest God!!

  33. Lord thank you for the many rewards you had given me and also forgive me for the times im not grateful….. God bless you bro. Bo.

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  35. Thank you Kuya Bo.. Very timely to have this message especiall y for my friend Joyce!!! 😀

    Yes, I won’t stop to get my Ultimate Reward. Lord God, grant me the strenght to keep going amidst all the stuggles and pain. The race maybe too long but the amazing things await…

    Thank you Jesus for the pains in the past are now joys in my present life.

    Thanks Kuya Bo for the message!
    God’s words are POWERFUL!

    .. it all takes time,

  36. Thank you for the wonderful message. Bravo! God bless you always.

  37. Thank you Brother Bo for this very nice article once again.

    God bless you more! 😉

  38. Thanks for this article. God Bless everyone.

  39. Wow!! another uplifting Message.. thanks Bro Bo.

  40. Bro Bo,

    Thank you very much for the uplifting words.
    It had really enlighten me.

    Now I know how to get across that hole without jumping.

    Thanks thanks.

  41. Thanks, Bro. Bo! Another one for the finish line! :)

    I can somehow relate to James. I am not an ultra marathoner; I just prepared my schedule for my first 10K run next year. What Bro. Bo said was true: there are times in a race when legs will hurt, you can’t catch your breath, and worse, you tell yourself “What am I doing here?” A reward in a race could be a finisher’s shirt or a medal. Boy, I know some who collect those…

    I love this ultra-marathon life that we have, because I know I have a Pacer – Jesus. So I’ll keep on running! :)

  42. thanks bro you did it again so timely…

  43. if you think his blogs are amazing — wait til you see him in the flesh while sharing this message… that’s what the Feast picc is all about — words come to life, God is truly glorified through our brother, our friend, our preacher. Bro Bo makes ‘non-practicing’ Catholics appreciate the Word all over again with his practical applications, simple analogies and heartfelt sharings — warning, it can really get addicting! The more you get to know the kind of God you worship through His Words, you’ll fall in love with him deeply and there’s no more turning back.

  44. thanks bro bo, i will be having my review again, and instead of worrying, ill think of my license :)

  45. SO MANY thanks for you, i have a heavy month, but ur motivation make it better.. God bless you brother, i’m from Indonesia, see you in Heaven..

  46. Thanks brother bo, it strengthen me to stay on the tough time and to focus on the rewards rather than the pain.

    Btw, the verse should be Revelation 22:12 instead of Revelation 22:11.

    God Bless

  47. Thank you Bro Bo, for this great article….God is with us in every step of the way, looking for new horizons..God Bless Us All.

  48. Thank you again Bro. Bo. Very inspiring. Now I am motivated not to give up my dreams.. Thanks again

  49. Dear Brother Bo,

    I am always inspired by your words and I know that God purposely wants me to read this blog because I have felt once again that everything doesn’t make sense in my life anymore. Reasons to hang on, to fight, to take one more step forward have become lesser and lesser each day because I am more focused on the pain… I only see impossibility and I don’t see God’s purpose… Today, though I still feel a little shaky, I have a new found hope that by the end of my journey, Jesus would be waiting… and all of these sufferings will eventually feel nothing at all…
    Thank You Brother Bo! May God bless you always and forever. :)

  50. Thanks Kuya Bo :)

    I’m part of a Youth community (catholic) and I am
    really planning to leave the community and just give up.
    I am so blessed that i have read your article. Thanks kuya Bo. Indeed God really used you to remind me that I should not give up, that I should keep on trusting Him until I finish the race. I know that the race will not be easy, but it will be worth it. :)

    God bless you more Kuya Bo.
    Keep on keeping on !

  51. I am a miracle worker for God’s vineyard. Thank you Bro. Bo for your inspiring article. everytime i read your blog, it seems God is talking to me in my present state, situation. God bless you more in mind, soul and body. You are God’s vessel of blessings, healing and miracle.

  52. Thank you so much Bro. Bo for the inspiring message. There have been so many times that I’ve felt like giving up, but God’s message always lifts me up and helps me to go on. I know God has a plan for me. Thank you for always reminding me of that Bro. Bo.

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  54. BO.thank you so much for all your email and messages.God will reward you an eternal life,you touched and help people lives to grow spritually and emotionally,physically.God bless u…

  55. Thanks Bro Bo for all of the inspiring messages. It gave me so much hope that everything will be alright. Hope you inspire more people with your gift of words. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family :)

  56. its amazing how Bro. Bo could touch your heart, enlighten your day and change your state of emotion just by watching him preach during Sundays in front of tv, via live stream on the internet or just by reading his blogs and articles in the K-mag.. nevertheless thank him and the Kerygma family to be a part of my life.

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