May I share this with you?

My friend sent it to me and I found it…uh…enlightening (I think).

What I Learned From My Mother



  • My mother taught me about Priorities.  Because when my brother and I fought, she’d usually say, “If you want to kill each other, go outside because I just cleaned the house.”


  • My mother also taught me about Religion.  Because whenever I dirty her carpet, she’d say, “Start praying that I can remove this stain, or I will chop your head off.”


  • My mother also taught me about Logic.  She liked saying to me, “Here’s why you need to do it.  Because I said so!”


  • My mother also taught me about Contortionism.  When I came from school sweaty and dirty, she often told me, “You’re filthy!  And look at the dirt at the back of your neck. Look at it!”


  • My mother taught me the meaning of Genetics.  She often said, “You really took after your no-good father!”


  • And the favorite lesson I learned from Mom is what Justice is all about. She often told me, “One day, you’ll have kids of your own. I pray they’ll be just as stubborn and hard-headed as you are…”


A Very Strange Story


Poor guy–whoever wrote that piece above.

According to the Bible, words aren’t syllables bunched up together.  Words can impact the future lives of others.

Let me tell you a very old–and very weird–story.

Old blind Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob.

When Isaac felt he was dying, he called his eldest son Esau.  He said, “Hunt me some animal and cook me a hearty meal.  I’m going to give you my personal blessing before I die.”

As Esau ran off, he didn’t notice that his mother, Rebekah, was eavesdropping.

She called Jacob, her favorite son, and explained everything to him. “Quick!” she said, “Get two goats from our flock.  I’ll cook them and you give the meal to your father.  He’ll give you a personal blessing!”

Jacob went off and did as was told.  Now believe me, it’s much quicker to get goats from your own flock than to hunt for a wild boar from the wilderness.

So Jacob went to his father and said, “I’m Esau.  Here’s the meal.  Can you bless me now?”

Remember that Isaac was now almost blind.  So he gave his blessing.

That was when Esau runs in with his meal.  And his father said, “Alas!  Your brother Jacob fooled me.  I have no more blessing to give you!”

Strange story, right?


What’s The Fuss About A Few Syllables?


If there’s anything you learn from this story, it’s this: Parents, don’t ever play favorites!  When you do, you may just create a war that will curse your great-great-great-great grandchildren.

What’s the big hullabaloo over a personal blessing from a sick old man?

Why were Jacob and Esau fighting over words?  Syllables?  Sounds?  From the lips of a dying father?  Because the ancients understood what we moderns don’t–that words create reality.

According to Genesis, God created the entire universe by speaking it forth.  “Let there be light!” He said, and there was light.


Why Are Words Powerful


Parents, be careful of what you say to your kids.  Because your words prophesy their future.

If you don’t believe me, try this ten-year experiment.

Starting today, shout to your kids, “You’re hard-headed!” Do this daily for the next ten years.   Believe me, your children will grow up to be the most bull-headed kids in the world.

Why do words have power?

Because love is the greatest force on this planet–and words have the capacity to either give or take away love.  When we bless someone with our words, we give love.  And when we curse, we take away love.

That’s why words are powerful.


May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez


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