Be The Light This Dark World Needs

People are looking for God’s light.

But there’s a problem: Many can’t find God’s light in church anymore.  Statistics show that 85% of Catholics don’t go to church anymore.

So how will people find God’s light?

Jesus knew this already.  And He already has the solution.

Because in Matthew 5:14, He said, You are the light of the world. 


God’s strategy is revolutionary.  He’s not expecting you to bring people to Jesus.  He expects you to bring Jesus to people.

And how?

By preaching Jesus?


By being Jesus.

By being another Jesus in this world.

Jesus even explains how to shine His light.  He said, “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds…”

At the end of the day, it’s action.

Not words.

There’s just too much noise in the world.  Too much words.

To shine His light, to be another Jesus in the world, we need to do good deeds.

It’s to love like Jesus.

This Coming Holy Week, Experience God’s Love Like Never Before.

Every year, we have the Holy Week Retreat and it’s always extra special. It’s done in a very different way and people are just wowed. The way we do it, is we actually go to the level of where people are. We don’t begin with what is the revelation of God. We begin with what are the needs of the people.

What’s your need? What are you going through?

What’s your personal experience? Right now, what is your reality? And based there, we bring the revelation of God, we bring the voice of God in that situation you are in.

Are you in pain? Are you going through a need? Are you confused? Are you wandering? That’s where we’re going in. We’re allowing God to address your deepest needs.

And we’re very excited at what’s gonna happen in the Holy Week Retreat and in the Grand Easter Feast. Shining forth. That’s our theme. We’re so excited how God will make you shine forth.

I’m inviting you to join me on April 13 and 14 (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) for our Holy Week Retreat and on April 16 for the Grand Easter Feast at the Mall of Asia Arena.

At the end of the day, all of us have our own darkness, All of us have our own confusion. All of us have chaos inside us. And yes, it is dark. But listen to this. Light dispels all darkness. And we’re gonna be praying that God’s light will come in and push out the darkness that is right now there within you.

It’s gonna be an awesome time and I want you to be there. 


Bo Sanchez

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