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It’s In Your Brain

  Let me explain to you why writing down your dreams works. Have you ever had this experience? You’re in a party. 

It’s In Your Brain2016-04-02T20:55:49+08:00

Negative Words Have Power Too

  But while positive words affect your future, so do negative ones. I once worked with a guy in a ministry many,

Negative Words Have Power Too2016-03-28T12:22:43+08:00

A Prophecy That Changed My Life   When I was 13 years old, something magical happened. One day, Aida, our prayer group


Relearn The Skill Of Asking

When he was barely 2 years old, my son Francis couldn’t pronounce the word “milk”.  Instead, he would say, “mi”.  So whenever

Relearn The Skill Of Asking2016-03-06T23:03:34+08:00

Are You Ashamed For Who You Are?

  There are people who feel that they don’t deserve to ask for anything. That’s why I like the story of Elijah

Are You Ashamed For Who You Are?2016-02-17T17:43:08+08:00

Specify What You Want

  I love talking to kids. Especially tiny ones. When I ask kids age 3, 4, or 5, “What do you want

Specify What You Want2016-02-06T09:12:37+08:00