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The 7 Doctors of the Body

Have you noticed? People like complicated things to cure their sickness.  They opt for radical surgery.  Expensive medicines.  Cutting-edge medical treatments. Even

The 7 Doctors of the Body2017-05-15T16:50:34+08:00

Doctors of the Heart

Love Is Your Food Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it. (Proverbs

Doctors of the Heart2017-05-15T16:41:21+08:00

Listen To Your Body

I believe when God designed Man’s body, He designed it to be healthy. How do I know? I have two boys.  And

Listen To Your Body2017-05-15T16:41:51+08:00

How To Heal Toxic Stresses

To heal toxicity, you need to DETOXIFY. The body has built-in mechanisms to release toxins from the body, namely: sweating, urinating, bowel

How To Heal Toxic Stresses2017-05-15T16:42:20+08:00

Doctors of the Mind

My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years

Doctors of the Mind2017-05-15T16:47:57+08:00

Find WOW in Everything

Friends, I encourage you to have an attitude of “Wow!” Find wonder in everything. Wow leads to love. St. Francis of Assisi

Find WOW in Everything2017-05-15T16:43:17+08:00

God’s Shocking Business Theory

Do you want to build your own business? You need to learn God’s Business Theory. Warning: Many business people will not agree

God’s Shocking Business Theory2017-05-15T16:43:46+08:00

Seeing Only Red in a Sea of Blue

In my talks, I often play this game with the audience. I ask them to look around the room and count how

Seeing Only Red in a Sea of Blue2017-05-15T16:44:18+08:00

Be The Light This Dark World Needs

People are looking for God’s light. But there’s a problem: Many can’t find God’s light in church anymore.  Statistics show that 85%

Be The Light This Dark World Needs2017-04-08T14:56:12+08:00

The Bias of Fathers

One day, I was at a Christmas party. And parents were forcing their small kids to sing, bribing them with lollipops to

The Bias of Fathers2016-06-27T06:19:00+08:00