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Make Others Successful

I’m a Missionary. Been one for 36 years. But for many years now, I’ve taken on a second way of serving others:

Just Diamonds

  Let me tell you a story about true wealth. One day, two very proud Jewellers were in the street, debating who

My One Advice: “Be Kind!”

    I know.  My title is boring, right? You may be asking, “Bo, can you be a little bit more sophisticated? 

Create Patterns Of Connection

            Spending time with each other must be a pattern–or it won’t happen. You can’t say, “When

Life Is A Mirror

             One day, a Genie appeared to a woman and said, “This is your lucky day!  I

Don’t Aim For Zero

             Don’t focus on your problems.          Focus on your dreams instead.          Dan Baker gives a