In my talks, I often play this game with the audience.

I ask them to look around the room and count how many red shirts there are.

After half-a-minute, I tell them to close their eyes. I ask them, “Are you ready with your answer?” They all reply with a resounding yes.

Then I ask them, “Okay. How many blue shirts did you see?”

They burst out laughing. And they try to guess. But no one gets the right answer.

Why? Because they weren’t focused on the blue shirts but on the red.

The point of this little exercise is to show them that every reality, every situation, every circumstance always has many sides.

But we only see one side! Always.


You’re Not a Grasshopper


Let me tell you one of my all-time favorite stories in the Bible.

The Israelites who escaped Egypt (think “Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston) were now at the edge of the Promised Land. Not knowing what it was like, they sent 12 spies to scout the land if they could conquer it.

When the spies came back, 10 of the 12 gave depressing news. They said, “The land is flowing with milk and honey. But guys, we’re no match to the people who live there. They’re giants! They’re like wrestlers. They’ll eat us alive!”

In other words, they only saw red. But the two other spies were named Joshua and Caleb, and they saw blue.  They said, “Nonsense! Let’s go there now and conquer the land!”

The 10 spies answered back, “Are you crazy? Didn’t you see the people there?  Compared to them, we’re like grasshoppers!”

The Bible says that the rumor spread among the Israelites. And you know how rumors spread. After a while, I bet they were saying, “The people of that land are aliens! They have six legs and two heads! They’re 25-feet tall and eat their babies for breakfast.”

Soon, all of Israel complained to God for bringing them out of Egypt.

And they stayed in that desert for 40 extra years.


Focus on the Promise,

Not on the Problems

Do you feel like your life is on limbo?

That you’re in some desert waiting for God’s Promise?

Friend, you’re at the very edge of God’s Promise for your life.

God’s miracles are right in front of you.

But you sometimes act like the 10 spies.

You see the Promised Land. You say this is the miracle of God for your life.

But you see the Giants and you get scared. You focus on the problems and they become so big, they cover your vision.  But understand this: Problems and promises go together. Your problems are standing in front of the promises of God. If you have a problem, look behind it and you’ll see the promise of God.

Remember that every Promised Land has Giants on that land.  If there are no Giants, then you’ve got the wrong Land.

So you have to learn how to focus on the Promised Land, not the Giants on the Promised Land.

That’s why none of the other 10 spies or their descendants entered into the Promised Land. They weren’t even able to set foot on it. They circled the wilderness for 40 years until that whole generation died. Only Joshua and Caleb made it in.

God’s Promise was delayed for 40 years!

Don’t let this happen to your life.

If you want success in life, you have to be vision-oriented not problem-oriented.

So many leaders are problem-oriented.

Believe me, I’ve been to leaders’ meetings where they meet every week for years and all they talk about are problems in the group, ministry or community.

That group will go nowhere.

Leaders must be men of vision.

They should address the problem as fast as they can so that they can focus on the vision – where God wants them to go and what God wants them to do.


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez


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