3 Things That Will Happen In Heaven…

Do you have future plans of going to Heaven? 


(No rush going there, by the way.) 


I’ve never been to Heaven, but from reading the Bible and the writings of Saints and spiritual authors, let me describe three important things about Heaven…


1. You’ll Be Fulfilled Perfectly


Good News: I heard there’ll be no dieting in Heaven.  You can eat what you want and you won’t gain a single pound.  You’ll have the perfect figure, the perfect skin, the perfect teeth, and the perfect hair.  (But I doubt that there’ll be sinful food in Heaven, haha.)


Bald people will have their hair back.


People who have dentures will witness each of their 32 teeth resurrect from the dead.


Do you have pimple scars?  Stretch marks?   Cellulite deposits that rival the Central Bank’s deposits?  They all can’t enter Heaven. You’ll have to leave them at the door.


Do you want to have six abs?  You can have 12 if you want.


And do you want a Ferrari?  You can have 37 of them in different colors.  (Though honestly, I doubt you’ll be interested in these things in Heaven.)


But here’s what I know: Every dream you have will come true.  Every desire will be fulfilled.  Every need will be met.  Every plan will be accomplished.  Every talent will be used.  Every potential will be realized.


Dreams Come True


When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut.  In Heaven, I can make that dream come true.  I can go galaxy-hopping in a blink of an eye.  This morning, I can go to Jupiter.  For lunch, I can go to Neptune.  By afternoon, I can go to the constellation Andromeda.  Tomorrow, I can go to another universe altogether.


When my friend was a kid, he wanted to be a rock star.  Well, in Heaven, he can fulfill that dream too.  From what I hear, Heaven is a non-stop Worship Concert—so rock stars are needed to sing to the Rock of all Ages.


This is just my guess, but I believe that in Heaven, there’ll be no difference between thinking about our dreams and turning our dreams into reality.  When you think about it, you make it appear in front of you.


Wealth Is Permanent


On planet earth, the rich today may not be rich tomorrow.  The billionaires of today may be the beggars of tomorrow.  But in Heaven, you’ll be rich permanently.  Jesus said, Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  (Matthew 6:19-20)  In other words, there is no recessions or inflation or economic collapse in Heaven.  And there is zero crime in Heaven.  Why?  Because our treasure isn’t gold or silver or diamonds.  Our treasure is God Himself.


I love saying this: The only wealth you keep is the wealth that you give away.  As long as you keep your wealth to yourself, it rots on earth.  But if you give it away, you “wire transfer” your wealth to your future home in Heaven.


Tears Are Wiped Away


In Heaven, the Bible says, And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  (Revelations 7:14) No more sickness.  No more disappointments.  No more debts.  No more trials.  No more problems.  No more conflicts.  No more misunderstanding.  No more hurts.  No more worry.  No more anxiety.  No more fear.


It will only be love…


2. You’ll Be Loved Perfectly


       Throughout history, tens of thousands of people have reported near-death experiences that say that death is a doorway.  But scientists will never accept these as proof of the afterlife.

Dr. Eben Alexander, a highly trained neurosurgeon, was such a man.  Dr. Eben is a professor who taught for 15 years at Harvard University and he did NOT believe in these near-death experiences.  He believed that all these stories were fantasies, produced by brains under extreme stress.

But in 2008, he contracted a rare type of meningitis and he fell into a deep coma.  That part of his brain that produced thoughts and emotions completely shut off.  He was virtually brain dead.  After seven days of being a “vegetable” on a hospital bed, and as the doctors were thinking of stopping treatment, his eyes opened. 

The fact that he recovered was already a medical miracle.  But the bigger miracle was what happened during those seven days.  When it was medically impossible for him to have any kind of thought or emotion, Dr. Alexander journeyed into a beautiful place of incredible peace.  In that place, he felt loved.  Completely, utterly, perfectly loved.  He also felt connected to everything.  But an angel told him that it wasn’t yet his time, so he was sent back.

Dr. Alexander, the neurosurgeon and Harvard professor, believes that he went to Heaven.  And his experience was very similar to the tens of thousands of near-death experiences all throughout history.  They contain common elements: overwhelming peace, beautiful light, the presence of an angel, or heavenly being, or God himself. 

But the most common description these near-death experiences give is that when they entered Heaven, they were flooded with a deep sense of being totally, completely, and perfectly loved.  Dr. Eben said he heard these words again and again: You can do nothing wrong; You’re worthy of love;

It reminded me of my favorite prayer: “I’m totally, completely, and perfectly loved.”  I say it many times a day.  It heals my body.  It heals my emotions.  It heals my spirit.  Why?  Because perfect love is the deepest need of my entire being.  And I will receive it in Heaven.

But love flows in two ways…

3. You’ll Love Perfectly


Some people ask, “But Bo, what will we do in Heaven?  Won’t we be bored there, wearing pajamas, sitting on white fluffy clouds, and playing our harps all day?”


I don’t think so.


Who says we’re going to do nothing all day?  I believe we’ll be fully engaged, fully occupied, fully loving humanity for all eternity.


That’s why I believe that earth is a training camp for Heaven. On earth, God trains you to love like Jesus.  Because loving God and others is the only thing that you’ll be doing in Heaven!


Start loving now, and you start Heaven now.


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez


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49 Responses to “3 Things That Will Happen In Heaven…”

  1. thank you for the timely advise brother Bo.
    I will surely follow this one :-)

    “Start loving now, and you start Heaven now!”


  2. Thank you Bro. Bo for these wonderful message about heaven. God bless you more.

  3. thanks again Bro Bo.

    I will enter heaven because of Jesus!

  4. Thank you for this inspiring newsletter, Bro. Bo.


  5. thanks Bo! Your Soul Food and daily Bible readings make me inspired everyday and make me want to be closer to God! May you continue to inspire each dat! I pray for your good health so you can still share to us God’s words and works. Super thank you! God bless you Bo and your family and to all Kerygma Family and Soul food staffs,

  6. Amen.
    Let’s all strive to reach heaven as we live in eternity with God

  7. something to really look forward to :)

    God bless you bro bo
    have a blessed week every one

  8. Thank you for this article and for incorporating bible verses in this! I felt that I am so much closer to heaven now. ♥

  9. Love now to start heaven.

  10. hi bo thanks. these nourishes. these confirms my thoughts. glad to see that a writer and preacher like you confirms it. thanks. will be walking the alley of life. meet people there.

  11. Thank you for your message Bo..

  12. woow naman …salamat bro.bo

  13. Bro. Bo,

    Ever since I came to know your works, I believe that God is moving through you. You have helped MILLIONS and continuously helping them through your unwavering reminders/talks through any communication channel available. One question that bothers me is WHY RECENTLY, knowledge obtained in NATURAL HEALING is being propagated/disseminated with a FEE? I know you have good intentions of charging those who can afford, but just maybe, these revelations/teachings on natural healing can be thought for FREE to the less fortunate whom I think needed it more (affordability reasons).

    May our Lord continuously bless you with greater wisdom and understanding of what God really intends us to be.

    Thanks also for all the inspirations I learned from you.

    Andy Dizon

  14. @Andy Dizon:

    I hope u dont mind if I answer in Bro. Bo’s behalf. I am a regular Feast attendee has gotten to know Bo more and his beliefs by listening to his preachings of the Word of God. I only attended and paid for one of his seminars – How to Become Truly Rich – and that was when I wasn’t attending The Feast, the prayer meeting where Bo preaches, yet. Back then I thought P500 is nothing compared to the knowledge that I need to become rich. After the seminar I hungered for more. Then I started attending The Feast. Guess what, I learned the same thing again I learned from the seminar plus a thousand of extras more and this time without paying a single penny.

    What I’m saying is that all of his preaching and teachings and all of Bo’s sharing are available for free if you make time to listen and attend and consider him worth your time. Attending the Feast regularly made me learn as well that he never profited from these seminars, not a single peso. These are all charity events actually. The fee is not for him but for us, people, who needs it. I learned from Bo that money is just a symbol of value. Funny because I’m the who taught Economics to students but I understood that principle from a non-academician like Bo.

    By paying a fee, people acknowledges the value and worth of the seminar and time they will spend to learn there. Notice that what people get for free they throw away immediately, sometimes without even appreciating the thing enough. But when you pay for something, you try to keep it. You try to save what your money’s worth.

    Some people who regularly listens to Bo and has learned those knowledge for free months / years ago are still not applying the principles they learned. Surprising considering they already trust the man. How worse do you think it will be for people who don’t listen to him regularly and don’t consider Bo their mentor? How will they trust Bo and digest his teachings? Their decision to listen will be symbolized by their decision to pay and attend the seminar.

    Yes, the seminars are for “outsiders”. If you attend the Feast, you learn a lot for free. People who don’t attend doesn’t know what they’re missing. And that is why Bo is advertising the seminar – to reach out to them.

  15. thanks Bo! May heaven b with us all!

  16. is there anybody in the group who cud help me? m giving recollection to 4th yr high sch graduating students on Feb. 4, i need to have new module regarding family relation and peer influence, please send to my email, ejae.lanting@yahoo.com.. tnx po it will be a big help

  17. There’s a none stop worshiping in Heaven.. that’s written in the Bible.. :)

  18. Thank you very much for sharing your very beautiful & inspiring articles .May God bless you always.

  19. Thank you so much bro. bo, this is very inspiring and right now it really helps me with my situation.

  20. Thank you Bro. Bo for a very nice message. God bless :)

  21. thank you for this message Bro. Bo!.. i have always been thinking that i am not even worthy of his love..

  22. salamat bro. Bo. May God Bless you more!

  23. Thank you Bro. Bo for your inspiring article as always. We have learned a lot from you and we still keep on learning each day. God bless you abundantly.

  24. thank you very much bro bo

    our God really Love you so much…

    God Bless us all

  25. We all need Perfect Love …..JESUS

  26. Thank you Bro Bo for inspiring me all the time. I always look forward to your newsletter and the kerygma family messages and nowadays i am always excited when Sunday is near because i get to go to the Feast once again. The Feast made such a big difference in my life. Thank you very Bro Bo for bringing us closer to God’s love.

  27. Bro, Bo,

    I agree with you that in heaven everything will be perfect. But I believe that the main reason why things would become so is because in heaven where we will be suffused with God’s love, our way of viewing things will become different because, then, we will be viewing things from the perspective of God, namely LOVE.

  28. Rev 7:17

  29. Thank you brother Bo for this enlightening message of yours. it made me realize that God’s love is more than enough for me to live happily in this world..

  30. Thnks bro.bo, by reading your books I gained a lot of knowledge.godbless you

  31. Thanks Bro. Bo. Can’t wait to go to Heaven to experience wonderful and perfect life in Heaven.

    God Bless You Always.

  32. Oh! Praise God! He gave you to us! To God be the glory! Amen.

  33. Thanks Bro Bo…

  34. thanks Bro Bo..Peace be with us always..God Bless Us All.

  35. Amen! Let Go & Let God Lead the Way!

    Btw, I was also interested in the “How to Heal Yourself Naturally” seminar, however I haven’t heard from Mean (beaconlightevents+seminar@gmail.com), since I read the last post & I emailed her 2 weeks ago.

    Anyway, please pass her the word & God Bless!

    ~ Mike E
    Tu Hermano en Cristo

  36. This one is really inspiring, Bo. :) I think my grandma is too occupied in heaven. There will be no more pain, disappointments or sadness for her. Only LOVE. :)

  37. Very inspiring. Thanks Bro!

  38. “The only wealth you keep is the only wealth you give away.”

    Simple yet sublime. God has always been so great. He already has his clear-cut plans to help you even before the challenge comes.

    And I know being able to read these articles is part of those plans.

    I have an excellent line-up of professors. They taught me a lot of things- techical and mechanical stuffs. But most of them neglect to tell us the most sublime fundamentals.

    I am near forgetting. It is quite shameful to have God finds His way to me.

    Thanks, Bro. Bo. This is my first time leaving a reply. But this not my first time reading :)

  39. dear bro bro,

    I envy those who die ahead of me…why?because I know they would never anymore feel pain,sorrow, and all the positive and negatives that we encountered on the daily basis….but the fact that you die afterlife you won’t remember anything….When you die the memories when you were still alive will be left behind here on earth you won’t bring anything with you not even one…I forgot the verse in the bible but yes it’s written in the bible am I right bro bo?that’s the sad part of dying but the beautiful part of dying is you won’t feel misery all you can feel is LOVE…

  40. Salamat po, maraming salamat Bro Bo! Mabuhay ka at suma iyo lagi ang Diyos…

  41. What an inspiring story! (Dr. Eben Alexander’s story) How I long to see & feel heaven…But of course, not for now, i’m still in the training camp too : )

  42. amazing article, bo! all we need is love as what jesus always give us.

  43. Very inspiring… It made me think and ponder…. Thanks Bro Bo! :-) God bless always!

  44. Very inspiring. Thanks Bro Bo!

  45. perfect answer to all my addictions!!!

  46. This is totally amazing, Bro. Bo. Thank You!

  47. thank you for your very interesting knowledge that you share to us …. more power and godbless…..

  48. Sana magkaron ng Feast Saturday 1PM.. Kc layo kmi PICC. Sadyain p if Sunday. Anyway we attended dati but never came back may 2 little boy kc kmi. We enjoy naman and learn a lot on the feast… Maybe we shall came back pag mejo malalaki n cla.

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